Observation Point was founded in 1995 with the goal of creating a company that focuses on making organization’s IT ecosystems more visible, understandable, and predictable.

You’ll find Observation Point working with other consulting organizations as part of their extended teams – bringing our metrics, models, and methods to bear on the problems faced by their clients. Problems like enterprise architecture design, data center and application optimization, IT organizational effectiveness, post-acquisition discovery and consolidation, enterprise IT strategic planning, and integrating new technologies into existing architectures.

Observation Point is based in the Chicago area, but regularly works with clients throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast.

Observation Point is proud to work with and recommend our primary consulting partners.

Trillium Solutions Group
Northbrook, IL
5Wyre LLC
Schaumburg, IL
Magellan Associates, LLC
Barrington, IL

Contact us at: info@ObservationPoint.com